The eco-friendly Green Cup of Maine is made in the State of Maine, USA using 100% US Healthcare Grade silicone for comfort and safety. It contains no dyes, it is BPA free and FDA registered. The Green Cup is designed for health and earth conscious women.

Women across the globe are gaining a greater sense of awareness about planet friendly hygiene practices that offer healthy options in care for their bodies. We see this collective agreement growing and have joined the effort.

The Green Cup is made with modern and active women in mind. We’ve designed it to be highly functional and comfortable, protecting from leakage and moving with you. Your decision to use the Green Cup testifies of your commitment to honoring your body and the planet.


Using the Green Cup

Following these instructions for using menstrual cups will help you to get the maximum results. Your patience and a little practice will help you to learn how to insert and remove your Green Cup like a pro. You might feel a little intimidated at first, but this is normal and once you get the hang of it, you’ll be glad that you did as insertion and removal will come naturally.

Before Using Your Green Cup For The First Time

  1. Using mild soap and warm water, wash your Green cup
  2. Fold your Green cup for practice before using
  3. Read the enclosed instructions for insertion and removal and follow them
  4. Some women prefer to boil the cup before the first use. If you do, allow the cup to float in water that has been brought to boiling for 5 minutes. Keep cup from touching bottom or sides of the pan. Remove and allow to cool before use.
woman washing hand under running

Inserting Green Cup

In addition to washing the cup with mild soap and warm water, wash your hands also. Rinse under clean running water.

  • Fold your cup according to enclosed directions.
  • Assume a relaxed position. You may sit, stand, squat or raise a leg. Grasp the cup firmly.
  • Relaxing your pelvic muscles, move the flaps of the labia with your free hand. Point the cup up towards your backbone and guide it into your vagina. Keep folded until it is completely inside of your vagina.
  • Release the cup. It will open and create a seal against the walls of your vagina.
  • Using your index finger, check the bottom of the cup to make sure that it has completely opened. If there are any folds still present, gently turn the cup from the base, avoiding the stem, moving from side to side until it completely unfolds and seals.

Removing Green Cup

  • Begin with clean hands that have been washed with mild soap and warm water.
  • Assume a relaxing position as with insertion. Your muscles must be totally relaxed prior to removal.
  • Using fingers, locate the base of the cup inside your vagina. You may gently pull on the stem until you feel the rings of the cup. Pinch the bottom to release the seal and gently guide outside of the vagina with a side to side motion.

Emptying your cup

Empty the cup into the toilet. Wash it as in previous steps, cleaning thoroughly. You may reuse or store for later use. It is best to store your cup in a cotton bag or any container that allows for air flow. Wash prior to repeated use.


Getting a good fit

The majority of women can wear either of the two sizes that Green cup comes in. The smaller size is for light flow and the larger for heavier periods.

Women with lower cervix may wish to trim the stem to maximize comfort. If you do so, only trim when the cup is outside of the vagina.


Common Precautions

  • The Green Cup may be worn for up to 12 hours in between changing.
  • Remember to empty the cup a minimum of twice per day.
  • It may be worn overnight and does not need to be removed when using the toilet.
  • You must, however, remove it prior to sexual intercourse.
  • If you have any pressure, pain or other gynecological issues during use, remove the cup, discontinue use, and consult your health care provider.
  • If you experience symptoms of TSS around the time of your period including fever, vomiting, diarrhea, rash or fainting, seek medical help immediately. Toxic Shock Syndrome which is associated with high absorbency tampon use is a life threatening condition.

Congratulations on your choice to go with the environmentally safe menstrual cup for your feminine hygiene needs. With just a little patience and some practice, insertion and removal with become second nature and you’ll be doing your part for the preservation of the planet. At the same time, you’ll be increasing your comfort and confidence even if you’re a highly active woman.

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