Welcome to the new green cup, a better menstrual cup that takes care of your body and the environment too. Our product is dedicated to every modern woman out there, ensuring healthy and improved personal wellbeing. It is made to offer the at-most comfort and functionality, as well as an ideal companion throughout your life.

How to Use your Green Cup

The task of inserting and removing the menstrual cup is straightforward, though you need to follow a few guidelines. Our simplified guide will help you learn how to use the product effortlessly. Therefore, read the following instructions carefully;

How to Insert Green Cup

  • Use warm water and some soap. However, ensure you use clean running water to wash your hands and the cup
  • Depending on your own idea, fold the cup
  • According to your best posing position, direct the cup towards your vagina while holding it tightly
  • Relax your pelvic and abdominal muscles, and use the other hand to separate your labia
  • Direct the menstrual cup into the vagina, but ensure it points upwards just before the base of your back.
  • Ensure that the cup remains folded, and the entire cup body is completely inside the vagina
  • Release the folded cup gently (it will pop out and create a suction space). Using your finger along the base of the cup, check if it is fully open. In case there are some folds, try to turn the cup gently side-ways so that it is fully opened and a sealing suction is created.
  • While holding specifically the base of the cup, rotate it gently so that it is completely sealed.

How to Remove the Green Cup

  • Wash your hands thoroughly using warm water and some soap
  • Relax at your best posture and get ready to remove the cup
  • Insert your fingers into the vagina, find the base of the cup and pinch the bottom in order to release the suction. If you cannot reach the cup, pull the stem carefully until the grips start detaching, and then locate the base of the cup
  • Rotate the cup sideways carefully as you direct it from the vagina, but ensure it is upright to avoid menstrual debris from spilling
  • While holding the cup tightly, empty it in the toilet (the cup might be wet and slippery, so hold it firmly as you empty)
  • Use warm water and soap to wash the cup thoroughly. In case you are using a public toilet, carry with a bottle of water, but later remember to clean the cup well.

Once you have removed and cleaned the cup, you may re-insert or store it. If you want to re-insert, carefully follow the inserting guidelines outlined above. If the menstrual is over, put the cup in its cotton bag or any porous bag, and keep out of reach of children or animals.

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