We created The Green Cup of Maine with the goal of introducing an American made and manufactured Menstrual cup to the market. We believe that while menstrual cups are a great alternative to tampons, women need to be assured that they are manufactured in an environment they can trust.

Ten beautiful girls, walking together hand in hand.

As a woman, I was disappointed to find that a lot of menstrual cup companies, manufacture cups in Chinese factories, in poorly regulated factories. We believe we could manufacture a better, healthier cup in America. So we did.

The Green Cup is manufactured using 100% Class VI, Medical РHealthcare Grade Silicone, with no dyes, plastics, BPAs or harmful toxins.  We believe that it the environment the products are manufactured in is just as important, so we manufacture in an ISO certified factory in Maine USA.

Green Cups

Our Mission

With The Green Cup of Maine we want to Educate women about safe alternatives to tampons and highlight health conscious lifestyles.

Give to Charity by supporting programs that help young girls and children alike.

Build a Community of people that want to rally around a healthy lifestyle, and help inform  others around them.